25 October 2010

Seeing as my project is going to be based heavily on information and type i really want to get my type right. I want to make it look right and not just some boring information pamphlet. I want it to grab peoples attention. So i have been looking into typography that is similar to what i want to do. I have been looking at a variety of different styles and i am hoping to draw from each in order to get the best out of them for my project.

There are so many different styles of typography and the way it can be used. From just using the words and then using the words to symbolise something or create an illustration. Personally i think the simpler the better, but sometimes throwing everything at it works, if its in the right context.

For example, the above image works well, the layered type and different lengths in sentences makes the face shape look like its traveling fast. We have been doing loads of type workshops with Graham which has really opened my eyes to what i can do with type to make it more effective.
I really want to get my type right, so i want to spend some time researching what i like.