Where is graphic design...

28 December 2009

Personally I love Harvey Nichols, not because of the overpriced, pretentious clothes/handbags/jewelry they sell but because every now and then they get in some genious designed items. For examples this Christmas i was looking for Christmas presents for my mum and dad and went up to the food court to stumble across some amazing wine/champagne bottles designed by Christian Audiger (who i am a huge fan of due to my love for ed hardy!). Unfortunately the over priced bottles were out of my budget but i still loved them and returned a couple of times to just look at the designs. what i love about Audigers work is the flamboyance and bright use of colour. the patterns are erratic to say the least but the designs seem so intricate and intriguing but i mostly based around thick and thin drawing with the use of block colouring. I love this work and i think to any person, not just an artist, this work is engaging and simple for them to look at and therefore very enjoyable.