Statements regarding my practice

22 September 2011

After going through the briefs and re-rationalising our design practice, we then went on to make short statements that would sum up our design practice in relation to our briefs and what we intend to do:

"A...investigation of...with a focus on..." - this was our inspiration statement to help get the ball rolling.

TOP 5:
 1. Media and Type with a focus on traditional processes
(ERASE) - Inspirational processes and what i want to product
2. Typographic composition with a focus on traditional processes

3. A typographic investigation of media with a focus on traditional processes
(COWBOY BRANDING - Letterpress) (WHISKY LABELS - Letterpress)
4. Packaging and type with a focus on traditional processes
5. An editorial investigation of magazines/publications with a focus on media and processes

 These were the rest I came up with (all of them very similar and revolving around the same sort of idea)
// A publication investigation of layout with a focus on typography
// A packaging investigation of food with a focus on type and innovation
// A range of posters investigating type with a focus on media processes
// A packaging investigation of good with a focus on innovation and promotion
// A branding investigation with type, with a focus on media and print
// A typographic investigation of packaging with a focus on food
// A typographic investigation of posters with a focus on media and print
// An editorial investigation of Web design with a focus on typography
// A video investigation of my design practice with a focus on processes
// An investigation of retail packaging with a focus on clothing
// A typographic investigation of the manipulation of existing fonts with a focus on serif fonts
// A media and process investigation of typography with a flocs on typographic processes
// A typographic investigation of branding with a focus on packaging
// Typographically driven, with a focus on layout through print
// Typographic branding with a focus on traditional print

1st day in 3rd year

Today we had a really productive day, breaking down the importance of the rational and focusing our briefs. This has really helped me gage a more direct view of where I need to be going and what my design practice is really about. It's helped me focus on what I want to get out of my briefs, and what I want to do this year in order to get the most out of my 3rd year.

We came up with a load of lists that relate directly to me and my design practice....

We first started off looking at 'Things I want to do' and 'Things I want to achieve'

Things I want to do:                                                   Things I want to Achieve:

Screen Printing                                                           A portfolio that reflects me
Become a master of type                                            Working skills with type
Create a portfolio relating to me                                 A professional practice
Get better skills in photography                                 Contacts within Industry
Utilise the facilities at college                                     Experience with working with clients and short
Work with more media - printing techniques             deadlines
Collaboration between year and courses                    A range of small time placements throughout this
Web design - Viral marketing (get the hang               year
of it)                                                                           Security and confidence in my design practice
Find new and interesting ways to document my        A balance between uni and life..
work on screen.                                                          Be amazing!
Innovative packaging solutions

After this we then went on to break up our interested into; themes, contexts and products:

People (Adults)
Changing the world (graphic design hero)

Retail - clothing
Media and print
Screen printing

Menu design
Retail packaging
Web Design
Manipulated fonts

Lastly, we then went on to look at what we WANT to do, followed by what we NEED to do:

Screen Printing
After Effects
Dreamweaver (flash and html)
Adobe Creative suite (in-design, illustrator, photoshop etc)
Screen printing
Video manipulation
Documentation of the work and processes
Dreamweaver and flash
Perfecting and improving skills
Screen printed products
Visual aid for recording work
Product shots and processes
Media and processes
Personal Website
Magazines - publications - posters
Defined practice

Completed briefs
Dreamweaver - Webdesign
Screen Printing
Time management
Graphic Design (informed)
Work - professional
Web-Design - established portfolio of work
Screen printing efficiently
Manipulation of type in all forms
Screen printed posters
Typography related work