Web design

26 April 2011

Start up menu

Splitting the screen to view different aspects. 

all information that goes on the website goes between
the body. 

Once you've created a folder that is appropriate to holding the information
you need then you need to link it, using the links below.

Process to save into route folder above


Creating a box, web site area

everything has to be changed to '0' if there is nothing going to be there

Code translation

Space and add more details such as height

New box that has been created with the coding

The earth symbol links the website, making you preview it on screen. 

Adding background colour. 

Split screen

To make the other background a new colour you select bgcolour. 

bgcolour changed

bgcolour changed


Web Design Research

23 April 2011

I have been looking at lots of different websites and how they function. I have chosen websites that work because they are simple and function well, they are easy to navigate.



Popcorn - Clean crisp edges. Easy layout to navigate
all about the images.

Untitled. Same layout for each page, so easy to navigate