22 January 2011

After our audio workshop, there is a possibility I am going to add a voice over to my title sequences so I have been looking at inspiration from the Pirates of the Caribbean trailers. I know i am going to include Captain Jack sparrow and Blackbeard and it would be good just to get some quotes from the movies in. its just a thought. So far my project does seem to be heading towards a captain jack sparrow tribute, which it isn't but i can get the most scoop for experimenting as there is so much available about him on the internet.

0.58/0.59 'Im captain jack sparrow'
0.29 'Ello poppet'

1.27 'Summon the cracken' - Hadn't thought about the cracken

0.1/0.2 -> 'Yo ho Yo ho  pirates life for me' creepy intro that could be good

1.57/1.59 'Blackbeard'
2.54 'Did everyone see that because i will not be doing that again'

Appropriate TV channel

19 January 2011

It's important that i market my title sequence to an appropriate channel. The ideas for the channel i have come up with are Channel 4. This Channel constantly shows media that is, lets say 'miscelanious'. They always have documentaries about people and their lives and documentaries about films. They regularly show 'rudetube' as well as many other 'top 100..' shows which is while i feel it would be most appropriate to be placed on this channel. My other reasoning for this is the fact that my title sequence is hinting at a variety of characters i.e blackbeard, calico jack, captain jack sparrow etc and their stories cross over different medias; such as books, movie, film and history. The idea is to promote a program that is well rounded that covers all basis of Pirates from the 1700's +, and therefore it will cross different medias. There are a lot of similar documentaries to this on 4oD or shown on the TV regularly. In order to bring the channel into my design i need to study their idents and title sequences they may have already created:

Channel 4:

This is the highly recognised ident that channel four created that works on the perspective. its a very clever idea and it gives a chance for the viewer to interact with what's on screen from their seat. This is very clever and a good way of marketing the channel.

The definition of Pirate

After my crit today i realised that i hadn't actually defined what a Pirate was, only looked at the original Pirates that were around. So after realising this i have researched the technical term for pirate. I am focused on the 'old school' pirates. The pirates that ransacked ships and plundered the sea, so it was interesting to learn that although many other people have been called pirates eg, space pirates (firefly) the actual term for pirate is that of a person who robs AT SEA.

The Dictionaries Definition for Pirate:

"pi·rate  (prt)

a. One who robs at sea or plunders the land from the sea without commission from a sovereign nation.
b. A ship used for this purpose.
2. One who preys on others; a plunderer.
3. One who makes use of or reproduces the work of another without authorization.
4. One that operates an unlicensed, illegal television or radio station.
v. pi·rat·edpi·rat·ingpi·rates
1. To attack and rob (a ship at sea).
2. To take (something) by piracy.
3. To make use of or reproduce (another's work) without authorization.
To act as a pirate; practice piracy."

After effects workshop 5

The inbetweeners

15 January 2011


I have been looking at ship cannons for inspiration. More specifically cannons with as much detail as possible, i wanted a variety of perspectives again to draw my own styled cannons. I have quite a few ideas surrounding the cannon idea so i wanted to pick the images more applicable. I particularly like the first image, the drawn one. It has the sort of detail i am looking to create with my own designs. Simple but gives it a rough edge and its understated. 


Because i am looking at Pirate and all things Pirate, i wanted to get some inspiration for the detail within ships for example ship rigging. I have collected a variety of images below that would be applicable to my designs. I was important to try and get images from different angles in order to get different perspectives and then i can manipulate them accordingly. These images are a basis for my inspiration and as long as i get aspects from each, for example the length and detail. 

I particularly like the above image, it has a great variety in detail. 
I also like the silhouette aspect to it, it would help greatly with my

Pirate Maps and Old Maps

I am looking at maps that relate to pirates or piracy. There are a few aspects i am interested in like the fonts, the style and the texture of the maps. texture is going to be quite an important aspect to what my designs. I have selected a few different maps with different style and i intend to draw aspects from each to create my own styled map or something similar for my project.

The aspects from the map above that i like are the format of it.
The type is clear and the use of different styles in font help
illustrate different parts of the map. This is something i want
to incorporate into my designs. I like the idea of the zoomed
in approach to the map. 

I like how the contours are shown within this map. The different
depths illustrated by thick and thin lines, making it easier to see
what would be a hill/mountain etc. 

What i like about this map is the lines across it and how they
create a pattern across the map. It creates a complicated look,
and i think there is a lot i could do with this. 

What i like about this is not so much the map but the images of the 
people up in the top right hand corner. It gives it another element 
to the design. 

What i really like about this map is the land in a silhouette and the
colours used. It also creates a nice texture across the map, with
the rustic and slightly broken look. This is exactly in-keeping with
the style i am interested in creating. 

What i like from this map is the thick lines around the continents
showing the different places. Its a good technique to show the different
places, and something i could incorporate. 

What i like about the above two designs are the texture of the background
with the slightly burnt feel to it around the edges. That dirty look. As well
as the illustrations. They are detailed and not exact which is what i like.

With this is like the simplicity of the shapes of the countries
and the thick and thin lines again. I think there is too much 
going on with the burnt approach to it, but i think it would work
if you toned it down a bit. 

Here i am looking at the colour and it is used to separate the 
continents. I also like the illustrations of ships on the sea as
well as the nautical compasses that have the lines leading from them.
this is something i would love to incorporate into my designs. 

As i said before, i really like certain aspects from these maps and i will try to incorporate them into my designs, at least certain aspects anyway. they have given me some really good inspiration towards my project.