11 January 2011

When researching these pirates I am looking for things that can give me inspiration towards the imagery and type i will be using, I am not so concerned about the content. So when i was looking through Blackbeard's history it has given me ideas to look for other things such as the varying pirate ships there were, the weaponry, the maps. All possible things to vectorize and animate. 

Blackbeard terrorised the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea from 1716-1718. The process he took was to ransack cabins looking for coins, silver, gold and jewellery. There are a lot of possible imagery based ideas here such as the images related to old fashioned jewellery etc. 
"...and the devil knew where it was and the longest liver will take it" - Quote from Blackbeard himself, with regards to where his treasure was buried. 

Blackbeard - These are painters ideas of what Blackbeard looked like and who he was. These are the images that i find most interesting. I like the texture that they create and generally they are similar to one another. 

This is the flag that Blackbeard used when raiding the other ships. Its very primitive in its design but then it can be used in my animation to depict the flag, i can add my own creative style just to give it more of an impact than what it does now.

These are the images of the Queen Annes Revenge, which was Blackbeard's ship. 

Looking at all of this has been useful because it has given me ideas on what i want to research in the future. I want to focus on images that would be easily transferable. I want to do some drawing and then vectorize it and include it in my animation some how and by getting some intricate designs for ships etc would be really useful.