Appropriate TV channel

19 January 2011

It's important that i market my title sequence to an appropriate channel. The ideas for the channel i have come up with are Channel 4. This Channel constantly shows media that is, lets say 'miscelanious'. They always have documentaries about people and their lives and documentaries about films. They regularly show 'rudetube' as well as many other 'top 100..' shows which is while i feel it would be most appropriate to be placed on this channel. My other reasoning for this is the fact that my title sequence is hinting at a variety of characters i.e blackbeard, calico jack, captain jack sparrow etc and their stories cross over different medias; such as books, movie, film and history. The idea is to promote a program that is well rounded that covers all basis of Pirates from the 1700's +, and therefore it will cross different medias. There are a lot of similar documentaries to this on 4oD or shown on the TV regularly. In order to bring the channel into my design i need to study their idents and title sequences they may have already created:

Channel 4:

This is the highly recognised ident that channel four created that works on the perspective. its a very clever idea and it gives a chance for the viewer to interact with what's on screen from their seat. This is very clever and a good way of marketing the channel.