Pirate Maps and Old Maps

15 January 2011

I am looking at maps that relate to pirates or piracy. There are a few aspects i am interested in like the fonts, the style and the texture of the maps. texture is going to be quite an important aspect to what my designs. I have selected a few different maps with different style and i intend to draw aspects from each to create my own styled map or something similar for my project.

The aspects from the map above that i like are the format of it.
The type is clear and the use of different styles in font help
illustrate different parts of the map. This is something i want
to incorporate into my designs. I like the idea of the zoomed
in approach to the map. 

I like how the contours are shown within this map. The different
depths illustrated by thick and thin lines, making it easier to see
what would be a hill/mountain etc. 

What i like about this map is the lines across it and how they
create a pattern across the map. It creates a complicated look,
and i think there is a lot i could do with this. 

What i like about this is not so much the map but the images of the 
people up in the top right hand corner. It gives it another element 
to the design. 

What i really like about this map is the land in a silhouette and the
colours used. It also creates a nice texture across the map, with
the rustic and slightly broken look. This is exactly in-keeping with
the style i am interested in creating. 

What i like from this map is the thick lines around the continents
showing the different places. Its a good technique to show the different
places, and something i could incorporate. 

What i like about the above two designs are the texture of the background
with the slightly burnt feel to it around the edges. That dirty look. As well
as the illustrations. They are detailed and not exact which is what i like.

With this is like the simplicity of the shapes of the countries
and the thick and thin lines again. I think there is too much 
going on with the burnt approach to it, but i think it would work
if you toned it down a bit. 

Here i am looking at the colour and it is used to separate the 
continents. I also like the illustrations of ships on the sea as
well as the nautical compasses that have the lines leading from them.
this is something i would love to incorporate into my designs. 

As i said before, i really like certain aspects from these maps and i will try to incorporate them into my designs, at least certain aspects anyway. they have given me some really good inspiration towards my project.