22 January 2011

After our audio workshop, there is a possibility I am going to add a voice over to my title sequences so I have been looking at inspiration from the Pirates of the Caribbean trailers. I know i am going to include Captain Jack sparrow and Blackbeard and it would be good just to get some quotes from the movies in. its just a thought. So far my project does seem to be heading towards a captain jack sparrow tribute, which it isn't but i can get the most scoop for experimenting as there is so much available about him on the internet.

0.58/0.59 'Im captain jack sparrow'
0.29 'Ello poppet'

1.27 'Summon the cracken' - Hadn't thought about the cracken

0.1/0.2 -> 'Yo ho Yo ho  pirates life for me' creepy intro that could be good

1.57/1.59 'Blackbeard'
2.54 'Did everyone see that because i will not be doing that again'