Henry Every

11 January 2011

Henry Every was a rouge pirate who amassed a huge fleet. A song was composed around his story, he was also nicknames Benjamin Bridgeman:

In '94 we took the Charles and set Gibson ashore
And set a course for southern seas, to sail for evermore
Round the Cape in a hurricane with the devil on our beam
And clear to Newgate London Town you could have heard us scream:
Here's to gentlemen at sea tonight, and a toast to all free men
And when the devil comes to take us home, we'll drink
To old Long Ben!
Now off the coast of Hindoostan we spied a musselman
She'd 60 guns and musket men, but still away she ran
"Ho!", cried Ben and ran the grinning skull atop the mast
"I'll wager half my share me lads, there's not a ship this fast!"
Here's to gentlemen at sea tonight and a toast to all free men
And when the devil comes to take us home, he'll drink
With old Long Ben!
We ran her down off Malabar as she lay becalmed
And there beneath the burning sun stood Al Ibrahim Khan
He twirled his 'stache and raised his sword and gave a might roar
Then cowered like a dog below and hid amongst his whores
Here's to...
We turned the Fancy from the wind and ran out 40 guns
And soon the sky was filled with smoke that hid us from the sun
Then up and down the ship we fought, until the decks ran red
And when the fight was done we drank and this is what we said:
Here's to...
For thirteen days aboard the Ganj, we made a merry sport
A thousand pounds of Mughal gold, and whisky, rum and port
Some men we shot and some we walked and some of them did hang
And while we made free with the girls, well this is what we sang:
Here's to...
This is an image of Avery. I really like the textures
created in this image and it is a texture/style/colour i could
possibly use in the future. I find it interesting with all the detail
that is picked out and the gun fight happening in the background. 
This is the flag that is connected to Henry Every.
Again it is very simplistic and stereotypical of the
pirate flag. By looking at pirate flags they are very similar apart
from certain things changed to represent certain pirates.
I am going to have to research flags in more detail
because they could be interesting to animate.