11 January 2011

I have decided to do my next project the 'Top 10..' brief on pirates. I want this project to be fun, and i want to find it interesting. I have always enjoyed the pirate culture and the stories that have evolved around them. Obviously the most current stereotypical pirate culture is that that surrounds 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. I will be researching this, to help me find inspiration. But at the moment i want to focus on looking at famous pirates, that were either fictional or real. I have drawn together a small list of famous pirates that actually existed;
Grace O'Malley
Black Bart
Henry Every
Calico Jack
Henry Morgan
Captain Kidd
Black Bellamy

All of these pirates were either English/Welsh or Irish. This would make sense seeing as the english were ahead of the times compared to other countries when it came to ships and fleets etc. Alot of the piracy that happened was around spain and the Caribbean. The golden age of piracy last just over 100 years and lasted from 1500's to the 1600's. The most commonly used safe holds for pirates were Port Royal and Jamaica.

For the next stage of my research I am going to look into each famous pirate i listed above, and hopefully find out interesting facts and stats that run with them that i could possibly use for some of my project.

(famous pirates)