Drawing - Image Style

11 January 2011

As i have mentioned i want to produce my own drawings to incorporate the characters/story lines/ quotes i will have amused from my research. The type will be computerized but i want to get some ideas for how i want to produce my images and what style i want them to be. I have collected a few online images below and i feel they are close to what i want to produce. I think that my work will be better using black to create the images because i think my background is going to be textured so i need something to stand out against it. Using the advantage of thick and thin lines i can create the images i want, of the pirates i will design.

These two above are created by the same artists. What i like about these pieces are the ink lines that run along with the piece, i think it instantly gives it that gritty textured feel and add more to the piece. The faces within the images are striking and it is designed in order for them to stand out amongst the patterns surrounding them. This is something I am interested in recreating, there would be links between the ink dribbles relating to the water with which pirates sail on. 

What i especially like about this image is the mixture of colour and image, there are a mixture of patterns and then the faces stick out because of the use of white space. I think this image would have worked just as well without the colours placed over the silhouette. I think this could work well with the faces of the characters i want to use.  

Again this image is similar to the one above, i like the face you have to search for the faces within. I think this is striking and would be interesting for the title sequence. Its also a style that could be easily transfered into the idents if i chose to use it. 

Its not so much the face in this that i like its the style. I like the scratchy feel to the picture, it adds another texture to the image giving it more of a visual effect.

This is to demonstrate the idea of having my images layered on a background although i think my background will be textured and have a rougher feel. I just wanted to see the contrast and show a basic idea of what it would look like. I don't want the background to be too much so that i would loose detail. this is something im going to have to research before i start designing.