Pirate Fonts

15 January 2011

Today I amassed a large amount of fonts relating to my Pirate theme. I looked at fonts that I already had in my font book and then i trawled the internet for fonts that were applicable. After looking through my research i tried to find fonts that were similar to some of the pirate images i had found, for example the letter i found with Black Bart, (here) and with Henry Morgan, (here). Each font has its own style that would work and some are better than others. The problem is as i created the PDF, some of the fonts i found wouldn't embed so i will have do a separate post with images of those fonts.

Open publication - Free publishing - More pirate

Eutemia I Italic - I like the extended serifs and how they flow. the letter interacts with one another, which is visually interesting. Only problem with a lot of it for example a sentence it may not be 100% legible. (Will need to try this out).

Pieces of Eight - This is actually taken from the titles of Pirates of the Caribbean, therefore it is easily recognised and symbolizes Pirates, as people would associate it with them. The font itself is clear and legible, it is visually engaging and would be good to animate if you broke it down.

Clarisse - This is a clear font. It links to the pirate theme because of the extended serifs and scratchy look. I think this would be a good font to use for a title as its clear and readable.

Blackmoor - This font looks more like a stamp then anything handwritten. I think it looks a little rigid and doesn't quite have the freehand style i'm looking for.

Artist-stamp medium - This is a simple and clear serif font that in my opinion would represent a stamp on a box or something similar. I like the texture and how the font is slightly offset.

Commercial Script - This looks like a clear handwritten type. The contrast with thick and thin lines this gives it a natural look. Its legible and readable, I think it could look really good animated.

Freebooter Script - I think this mimics the type I was looking at with the images from Black Bart etc. Although i don't think it has such a natural feel compared to commercial script. I think in certain aspects it'll work - Its something i'm going to have to try out.

Annabel Antique - I don't really like this font. I think it's not very attractive and looks too 'perfect'. It doesnt really have a rustic feel too it at all.

Aquiline two - This font is clear and has that rustik feel to it, which would be applicable to what my idea for the design is.

Baroque - I think again this is too produced. the serifs are too over the top and exaggerated I think the capitals could be used but as for it just being text it wouldn't work.

Chopin Script - this flows nicely and its clear. The legibility is a plus too. Its interesting to look at, smooth transition Between the letters and their forms.

Contgen - This is too scratchy. The type isn't legible and doesn't really represent pirates as i thought it might. I don't think it would be that good to animate either.