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17 April 2011


Campaign Graphics

I really like the idea of designing for something bigger than just design work that looks good. The subject and content within campaigns has to appeal to everyone as it is trying to get everyone involved helping / improving something. I have already done some design work for a campaign, its very satisfying doing work for a good cause. 

Baking / Recipes 

I am quite a huge food fanatic, i love cooking and baking and because of this i am constantly using cook books etc. So it seemed like quite a logical step towards combining both my passions of design and cooking and designing for them both. Recipes cover all sorts of areas from book to magazine to leaflets etc. So there's a lot of scope to do some really interesting design. 

Magazine / Editorials

I have a great passion for working with type and so working across editorials was a natural step to take. I have thoroughly enjoyed the type module we have done, which gave me the opportunity to work with type and layout and this is something i really want to work on in the future. 


I love type and therefore everything i want to do should incorporate as much as type as possible. 

Retail Graphics

I love packaging and all things retail, i am more interested in the type side of packaging and the branding that incorporates the companies logo etc.