More bags

19 March 2011

Here I have been looking at a variety of squared packaging with some really nice logo designs on them and patterns. I wanted to look at collections too just to get an idea of what we could do if we wanted to create a collection of work. 
I really love the patterns on this work. Its so clean and
crisp. I love the normal squared packaging because it
has crisp edges. it also gives you a lot of room to
put information or a pattern on.

This is very simple packaging but its effective because of the
colour scheme and the logo. It works really well as a set
I really like the variation of styles of packaging.

I really love this packaging, i think the pattern across 
the packaging looks really interesting and works well
as a set. I love the colour scheme and style and we could
quite easily create something similar to this.

Again the normal square packaging gives a lot
of room to create something really interesting,
there is so much space to put your own stamp 
on it.

I really like this packaging because of the use
of the colours and the pattern. Its really engaging
although the logo does get a little lost in it,
but the logo isnt meant to be the main thing about it
so it works.

I really like this because of the focus around
the type and the packaging. I really like the simple
thin and light weight type offset by the contrasting colours.

This is a little more manly packaging, but again
you can create this because the packaging is so
easy to manipulate. I really like the shapes
and style.

I really like this packaging because it has depth too it
and a 3D effect, instead of it just being a logo or
a design printed onto it. You can actually 
create your own pattern with it, encouraging interaction.

Again playing with the handle, I really like
this style it just adds so much more to the visual.

I really like the pattern printed on the inside, it gives more
to the packaging instead of a plain inside. I mean it has
to be appropriate but this works well. i think we could definatly
try something like this.

Looking at different shapes and sizes of packaging.

Really like the boldness of this packaging with the type
its really interesting to look at and would grab you straight away.