iPhone Cases packaging

9 March 2011

I have also been looking at packaging for the iPhone, just to give a sense of context with which you could display the phone. 

Like the simple and clear case, like the edges and how 
it can stand up on its own. 

I really like how this is a hard case, with a clear
top so that you can see the product. also the clean
top makes it shiny. I think if i create a case i would
like to experiemnt with this style.
This is a case..fully encased. theres a lot of room
on the outside to have a varying amount
of information which is good.
I dont really like this case it looks really cheap.
But i do like the type pattern in the background.
Again with the clear shiny case, i think its 
really interesting and the case is
displayed to its full advantage.
Both the image above and below show the simple
display unit commonly used.
It displays the front but not the full 360, which
is a little boring. Although room for interesting graphics
which is good. 

The normal iphone box. I like its clean and crisp edges.
I think it could quite easily be adapted to create something
sleak and interesting. 
Again the more commonly used packaging. Bit boring.