Chocolate Exterior

4 March 2011

I have looked at a variety of different chocolate shop exteriors in order to best gage what we are aiming for. Although we may not design the shop itself it is good to put it into context just to help structure my idea generation. 

I really like this being set in stone. the contrast of the dark stone to
the light and bright area really stands out from a distance.
its clean and crisp edges speak of sophistication.

this looks like some kind of shoe shop display, except its for
chocolate. Its a nice play on common consumerism to help
display your product. Its interesting and sophisticated, its quirky.

Really love la maison, it screams sophistication and high end chocolate branding. Which is very succesful for them. It looks like some sort of hotel. Which is elegant and beautiful to look at. If i could create something like this i'd be happy. I love the type and the little logo, it just engages you straight away. 

What i particularly like about this is the fact its displayed like a gallery. The chocolate on display with the large clean and crisp sign outside. The type work is really nice because its light and sophisticated essentially letting the window display do the work for them.