Green and Blacks - easter

3 March 2011

This easter egg collection is only a small part of what they do for the holiday seasons, but its just a small example of the range. Again they are following the similar techniques with their other products, the big brown box with the large caramel looking ribbon. The gold wrapping with the products gives it an element of sophistication, the whole association with gold giving it a luxury feel. The type on the products are clean cut and again using the gold to highlight the colour, gives the product an exquisite look. I also like the dark type in the background with the spot varnish that gives it a shiny look, again adding texture and something else to add to the luxury feel. There are a lot of separate elements within this product that work to give it a luxury feel, the only problem is are there too many?
Another thing that im starting to realise is that i think the products are quite similar to that of Thorntons chocolate brand, and packaging.