Harvey Nichols

4 March 2011

Because we were interested in the high end chocolate and displays we decided to go have a look around Harvey Nichols. They tend to stock very limited edition foods which in turn means they have to be shown in a sophisticated away. I was more interested in the display then i was the quality of the goods. 

This is a range of spicy food that is depcited in colourful manner.
By placing the products on a plain silver background really means
that they will stand out from the rest.

The above image shows a range of fun american
products that they stock..all expensive but all worth it.

The range of chocolate bars they stock are very selective.
But they cover a whole range of chocolate.
To in the indulgent and the chcolateer. 

Compared to the other packaging on the shelves
the chocolate range is actually quite dull and uninventive. 

I was quite interested in the emergency chocolate..
but now quite sure why they stocked it..?

This was my favorite piece of packaging.
Really lovely type of set by simple colours and
the image of the products through the window.
Simple but effective. 

Like the make up brand the No.7 range, the chocolate
packaging here has done same thing. Branding it like the makeup
to anyone that knows immediately gives of the quality and luxury.
Its clever to play off things that are already around us.