Chocolate Shop Interior

4 March 2011

Both Nick and I like the idea of creating a shop for green and Blacks, so i have been looking for some inspiration on how some of the best chocolate shops/ cafes have created an ambient chocolate interior. 

Smooth edges, everything shiny and a lot of light.

Lighting creates a caramel looking hue to the surrounding shop.
Gives the look of a jewelary shop with the chocolate being on display. 

Coffee coloured comfy chairs, surrounded by wooden
interior that gives the feeling of a chocolate box room. 

Clean way of displaying the chocolates, chocolates
put on a pedestal eluding to sophisticated goods.

Clean wood paneling, again adding quality 
to the already beautifully packaged goods.
Having boxes with the main chocolate goods in it
with spot lights that adds more quality to them. 

all the chocolate laid out in an interesting way,
leaving people to taste what they want. 

The above two i really love the idea of. The colour coding with the end of the chocolate bars
in the individual slots is really interesting and it is something that we could definatly do with the
different chocolate bars that we have. 

Here the lighting really adds to the chocolate infused walls, it makes the chocolate appear more shiny and therefore it makes it feel more luxurious. 

Really like the edgyness of the patterned walls.
Gives it a strong feel and textured feel just like chocolate. 

Personally, i really like the idea of an instillation of a chocolate
waterfall. Its engaging and makes people want to buy it.

I really like this instillation for the wall that conveys the name of the product. Its the small attention to detail like the Gs in the little cubes of chocolate that are really engaging. The pattern is interesting and it makes you want to run your fingers across it. 

Again love the idea of the chocolate celling just wrapping the people in chocolate.