Magnum - Advertising and products

3 March 2011

After looking through green and blacks, i thought some of their add campaigns looked quite similar to that of the magnum campaigns. Its interesting to see what they have done. And how similar it is to the campaign that has been run by green and blacks, I have also looked at some of their packaging because its very elegant and it looks like it tastes if that makes sense....

I've chosen this packaging from their range because
its is so elegant, i really like the colours used and
the lined pattern that runs across the box. It just adds
another texture to the box. Its interesting and gives the
appeal of velvety smooth. 

With this image i am interested in the framing.
Placing the poster style work inside a huge 
golden filigree frame immediately gives rise to
the thoughts of class, wealth and sophistication. 
Immediately adding to that status symbol.

This is a magnum add campaign, again very simple
but very effective. Its sexy and sleek, with an element
of class that illustrates the magnum brand. The image
is so effective because of the simplicity of the skin breaking
to reveal the ice cream. It leaves you wanting. 

This collection of mini magnums is very cleverly
packaged. I really love the colours, mixing the dark
browns with the light golden colours really adds
to the allure of sophistication and luxury. This is 
defiantly something me and Nick need to keep in
mind when designing. 

I think the magnum memory stick is a really clever
piece of advertising. Its interactive, and its packaged
really well. I think the concept works because when
people see it all they are going to want to do is to go
and buy a magnum ice cream. Its simple but very

This is just an example of the luxury packaging for 
the luxury magnums that they sell. By putting it into
a box apposed to a plastic wrapper really adds another
level of quality to the product. Again it gives people
something else to interact with, and it makes the whole
experience feel special.