Bag Designs

19 March 2011

I have been looking at inspiration for the packaging for the bag that would carry our chocolate in. Its really hard to think of something inventive as theres so many things that have been done before. I have only chosen a small section to look at out of the vast amount of packaging there is.
I like the handles and the shape of this design
its smooth edges and rope really look nice
and contast against the white inside.

I really like this packaging, its such a different
way to carry cups. It has more or a function to it
than normal packaging. because it becomes an all in one.

Really like this because it looks like
your carrying the bag in thin air. I think thats
a really interesting concept.

I love this bag, its novelty approach would really engage
the audience in an interesting way. It encourages
interaction with it, which bags don't normally do. 

Ive seen this bag loads of times before, but it works
so well. It encourages playfulness with the bag
if we could create something like this it would be great.

This bag works so well because it changes the interaction of the handle.
I think this is something that we could definatly try and play with.
Taking the fundamentals of carrying a bag and changing them.

I like this bag, again playing with the handle, I think
this is something we are defiantly going to have to look into
because visually it is so strong.

This is an interesting bag, again with the handle.
It kjust makes for a funny image, and passers by would be intrigued

Love this hair bag idea, the plates work eally well because
it just replaces the normal idea of string. I think its really strong as well
because its the main thing theres no huge image
to accpmpany it. 

Love this string bag instead of playing with the handle, you use the whole
bag to contort the image I think thats really interesting.

Again playing with the handle...

Really like this bag because of working with type
across it, I think the layout works really well
and i love the colour and the bag its really interesting to
look at.

All the images below are very similar to the bags I have already looked at the have the same general qualities, apart from different images but the function is still the same.