Sainsburys - Brands and Green and Blacks

4 March 2011

We also went around Sainsburys to have a look at the how Green and Blacks prices itself within the chocolate market compared to other brands. we also wanted to see how it looked compared to other chocolates, whether it stood out etc. 

Looking at the GU range in sainburys, and the quality
that it eludes to with its packaging. 
Immeditly you cant really see the green and blacks 
product because it is so dark compared to the other brands.
Everything else stands out except them. And yes the dark colours
give the idea of quality but if people are scanning the shelves they aren't 
going to see it or pick it. 

Green and Blacks competing for shelf space on the chocolate 
selection of the shop in sainsburys. Lindt making it very obvious
that their chocolate is made from 70% coco. Compared to that of green and blacks
which is along the top and you can only really see it when
you look. Lindt stands out, Green and Blacks doesnt.