Thorntons - Packaging and Range

3 March 2011

After looking at the Green and Blacks packaging i decided to investigate the Thorntons packaging because elements are very similar.. or so i thought. Thorntons packaging has similar attributes across the range they have, but there is a distinct difference in quality. For example if you look at the classic range compared to the premium range they have used dull colours and there is no special effort that has gone into it. Whereas if you look at the premium packaging, they have used spot varnish and there is a lot more effort in the layout and the images of on the box, as well as how they have been photographed. All of this produces a luxury product, which is what they are trying to promote with the premium chocolate box. 

The packaging above is for a similar hamper that Green and Blacks do
although Thorntons has a bigger range. I don't really like this packaging
I think it looks ugly, and the stickers are just stuck on the front. Although
Unlike Green and Blacks it is clearly set out and not complicated, so in that 
respect it is much better. 



The above packaging is nice, i am more interested in
the colours used apposed to how successfully the product is
packaged. Im not sure about the type, but that mint green and 
blue offset by the brown really works and it makes the product
stand out. 

I like how they have taken the time and effort to have their names printed onto the gold foil that wraps the eggs. It's this attention to detail which means they outsell Green and Blacks. 

I really like the packaging above, it has the right amount of detail and it
illustrates a fine luxurious product, in a very effective way using both the
type and the image. Im not too sure about the pink bow, i think thats a little unnecessary.