Green and Blacks = colourful mess

3 March 2011

So far from what i have seen of the products Green and Blacks produce their type and font is exactly right, it gives of the lure of sophistication and a luxury good. There is maybe a little too much going on but that can easily be rectified. 
Their big BIG problem is the fact that their packaging IS ALL OVER THE PLACE!! and its very frustrating because their is no continuity. Its confusing to look at, so no wonder people don't want to buy their product. They need to simplify it. And if they want to use as much colour as they are using then they need to do it in a more effective way, a way that is obvious to people what it represents because at the moment its just a bunch of colours thrown in here and there with absolutely no thought behind what its meant to be reprsenting. 
So this is going to create a challenge for me and nick because we have to use their packaging in our designs, i think we are going to have to be very selective with what we use. We cant rebrand but we can edit and simplify, and thats exactly what i think we should be doing. Especially with some of their products, because quite frankly they are all over the place.