Green and Blacks - Cooking

3 March 2011

One of my first thoughts about the brief was to look at the recipes that can be made using the chocolate. I thought about this because people now seem to be doing alot more cooking and baking, so making the chocolate more accessible and easy to use would be a nice idea. It would mean people would have more of an interaction with the chocolate than just buying the bar and eating it. Because Green and Blacks dark chocolate range is over 70% pure coco, it means that its very good for cooking because it is so pure.
So for this i decided to look at the range they produce: 

This is a hamper selection that has the range of the cooking chocolate bars the Green and Blacks produce. It also gives you the recipe book, that contains a variety of ways to cook the chocolate, between savory and sweet dishes. I think the packaging for the smaller bars is nicely done, you can see the chocolate and it gives you a range to cook with. The recipe book on the other hand i really do not like. I think there is way too much going on on the cover, and it completely distracts from the type which is actually quite nice. I realise their image is quite complicated, because they have a lot going on across their packaging and information but i think they've taken it too far with the recipe book. 

This is another selection for the cooking experience. Its a lot more simple and doesn't match the above previous image. There's some very different elements within this package, you still get the over done designed recipe book but you also get a smaller range in chocolate. I actually prefer the silver packaging they have, i think its a lot simple and you see it for what it is. Its a lot more stylish and makes legibility a lot easier. When their packaging is simple its more effective.

This is a very simple version of the cooking range available but you do get the added advantage of being given and apron. I think this is more appealing because you get a range of products and something to interact with, the apron. Again they have used the simple silver packaging, which i defiantly prefer because of the simplicity and elegance. I think the apron is nicely designed, just using the branding logo, the black and the white really compliment each other and give it a universal characteristic.