Green and Blacks - Hampers and chocolate range

3 March 2011

I have selected some images from the range Green and Blacks do for the hampers and their chocolate bars. In total green and Blacks have a range of 15 bars, all different flavors and different %s of coco. So it gives them quite the opportunity to package their products in different ways. They do have a level of continuity with regards to their packaging, using the chocolate coloured box to hold the products and then a fancy ribbon wrapped around with their brand identity printed onto it. I quite like the smaller bars wrapped in the bows, its a very simple way to package the products and having the ribbon contrast with the packaging makes it stand out. I especially like the golden ribbon, it adds to the level of quality that they are trying to achieve. 

I do have a problem with the packaging above. There is waaaay too much going on! They have just lumped together the varying amounts of packaging and shoved them in one box. This is very unclear and it just makes it all look rather messy. I really feel they need to have one style and stick with it. One continuing theme is the actual logo itself, so maybe they should capitalise on that itself? This is defiantly something me and nick are going to have to keep in mind when designing and try and sort out some semblance of order from this chaotic mess. 

Above is the range of chocolate bars that they produce, there is one big problem i have with this. And that is - Why does the white chocolate bar have a white base and the rest dont? Even the other lighter colours? this is a prime example of what i am talking about. They have no structure to their designs so they just put loads of random things together and they think it makes them look sophisticated and quirky? It doesnt. It just looks messy. Its such a shame because their type works do well, and it gives of that exquist appeal of a thought out luxury product. whereas the rest of their packaging is a massive let down. 

Also one thing i am coming to realise is they actually have a very small range of products, apart from doing the token holiday season stuff they have nothing else going for them. Just bars of chocolate. They need more products to sell more successfully, and thats something me and nick can't do seeing as they don't want that.