Golden Ticket

9 March 2011

Both Nick and I discussed the idea of a golden ticket, I think this is a really interesting concept because it appeals to everyone and the symbol of it people can really relate to it. Over the years there's been a lot of different takes on the aspect of a golden ticket. We obviously wouldn't want to mimic this completely, we would want our own stamp on it. 
I really like the flourishing type with this stamp,
it looks really interesting. I also like the idea it looks
like its been set in metal it just adds another tactile factor
to it. 
these top images show the golden ticket that was
used in the orginal films. What i like about this is
how understated it is. The information is really
clear and essentially the whole thing just speaks for
itself. I really like the thin substrate too so it feels like
the size of a note or something.