Interesting iPhone Cases

9 March 2011

After discussing ideas for promotion Nick and I decided that a promotional iphone case would be good so I have set about looking at different ideas and designs. 

I really love the engraved wood, it gives a completely differnt feel too it
its tactile and feels home made..which it would be. It has a completely different effect to just having a printed on piece of plastic.
This is a clear case, so you can see the back. I like the novalty
of it and the fact you can see it clearly.
Angry birds.. this is only succesful because of the cult 
following. However i like the huge illustrations spread
across the back. They are eye catching. 
I really like this case, it takes a wood to a different level
having the metal in the back making it look like lights.
It subtle but really engaging I would love this.
Again with the wood etching, I think this could be a trend.
Being that our product is brown it could quite easily
be manipulated to fit our needs.

This is interesting because of the different
patterns created, again giving some sort of
tactility to the product. this is something we
could definatly doo, embossing or debossing to create
a sleak case.
What I like about this is the logo being centered.
its simple and effective. It doesnt detract from the case but instead
boldly stands out. I think this is definatly something
we could do. 

the images below are more of your bog standard case. I am looking at
these more for the angles to look at maybe to create the phone around. 
Just giving different shapes.

Really love the illustrations on this and the use of colour.
It really stands out, I love the different layered images creating 
a pattern across the back. I would love to be able to maybe create
an image that could roll along the back like chocolate melting,
much like this.