Chocolate Marketing

4 March 2011

I have also been looking at a variety of different ways that chocolate has been advertised. Whether it be through interesting window displays to the mail outs or packaging. theres loads of innovative ways to get people interacting with chocolate.

I really love this mail shot its interesting and plays with chocolate
in such a different way. Using the cubes to create the a structured display
for the information works really well. I also love the simple range of colours.

I really like the layout of this shop, the angles etc are really interesting. The choice
of colour for it as well really blends with the chocolate branding/
This is a great bit of chocolate packaging, really love the use
of type and packaging and how it brings together the
information in a contemporary way. I really like the structure
and layout. The use of colours is good too, creating a visual oray. 

This is another shop exterior, it kind of plays on a gothic feel
with the heavily scripted logo and black exterior. This again
gives off the idea of sophistication and class. 

the lightning within this shop would really
attract the eye from outside, making the interior
seem of shiny, which is very appropriate to a chocolate media

This is a very clinical approach to display. I think its
very clever because it is focusing on putting
the chocolate out and using the packaging to speak
for itself. it doesn't need huge signs to illustrate whats going on. 

I love this cafe, I've seen it before but its integration with
chocolate is great. Again the clean crisp type really
works well contrasting with the novelty interior. 

I think this is a beautiful bit of chocolate packaging. I really like
the simple logo and the flourish that surrounds it, it makes it look
delicate and interesting. Which goes so well with the
product. I also really love the colours for some reason it speaks to me of