16 March 2011

As another promotional good we have discussed the idea of using lanyards. This are a very common form of promotional goods. They are fairly easy to print on and they have a function.

I really dont like lanyards with loads of info all
over them, they just look a little too tacky and its
hard to distinguish the logos so people
just tend to ignore them.

Heres a perfect example of too much information.
It just stops functioning because its just seens as a bombardment
of information which is annoying to look at.

Variety of lanyards you can get in colours etc.

This is more my style because its simple and
understated. Theres more chance of people using it
if its not over run with tacky info and huge rudy great

Here are some examples of the different weights
you can get in lanyards from thin to thick. I think
for ours we would go for a medium size so that the
logo wouldn't get swallowed up.

Huge lanyard, that doesn't really
look attractive with all the info across it.

Again different styles of lanyard. I prefer the lanyards
with the silver clips along the bottom. They are a lot more
interesting to look at and for some reason silver makes
it classy!

This image above is really good because it gives a variety of different views.
I think i could use this image for manipulating to look at different lanyard styles
and colours.

I like this one because it displays the bottom part of the lanyard
which is on display a lot of the time so would be good to work
a logo into this somehow.

I really like the plain black ones because it ties in
with green and blacks quite nicely.

This is a double clip, You can have two parts to it
theres also a lot of room for one striking logo. Something
about black makes something look sophisticated which
is what we would be trying to portray with the lanyard
not tacky.