Packaging inspiration

7 February 2011

I have been looking at different styles of packaging that relate to the idea i have come up with for my packaging. Which is to make it out of material similar to that used for ship sails. I have found a variety of different packaging i like, well certain elements within it.

This CD cover is a really nice touch. Its this sort of attention to detail i like.. 
I am not 100% sure whether it would be appropriate to add that sort of detail to my design, 
but its an idea that i can look at once my packaging it done. 

What i like about the above packaging is the text, and also the idea of having a slip
in within my packaging that could possibly contain the information about the DVD
and what's on it. 

With this packaging I am interested in the thick material and how
it looks. This ends up looking like a bound book, and i like the use
of the thick black rope.

This is a much more sophisticated style of using material/fabric
to package a product. I really like the line illustrations on it and
how it is bound like a book. You can see from the images that it 
would be very soft to touch. I don't think this sophisticated idea is what
i want to achieve with mine.

Again with this it is more of the texture i am interested in.
The concept isn't applicable to my idea, but i do like the band around it that
has the information about the product on it. 

This is probably the most similar idea to what i've had. I want to be using
that sort of thick material and have it bound with string.
I really like the style and it the simplicity of the idea.