Ship Sails

7 February 2011

I have come up with an idea for my packaging that is based around the rigging of a ship. I knew at the beginning of my project that i did want to incorporate the rigging somehow, and i though by looking at the sails from the huge old ships i could use that texture in my designs. But i decided to scrap that at an early stage. So now i am revisiting the idea but instead of using it in my animation i want to package my CD in it. The idea being that the CD would be packaged in a ripped off piece of sail. This is a appropriate to my design because it relates to the concept and brings a part of the pirate life alive. What i also really like about this idea is the fact that its textured and it gives something for someone to interact with.

I have been researching the materials of the cloth used for sails, its a lightweight but durable material and was nearly always white. It was hard to dye things that were so huge and so costly. The sails weathered well and could be repaired quite easily. The above images have given me a basis to find material that mimicks the style of the ship sails.