What is a line... Postcard

15 April 2010

Looking at a variety of different postcards that i have collected, and the different styles used across them.

For the other part of my research i am looking at postcard designs. In my book i have given a more detailed analysis, but here i am giving an overall evaluation of the postcards. Firstly, i noticed that the majority of the cards were used in one form of advertising or the other not just as an entertainment piece. Which made me think, i don't want to advertise anything so therefore create a card that is just for someone to pick up and collect, possibly. I also really like the illustrative style that ran across some of the cards, i like the simplicity and directness of them. I defiantly preferred the simpler cards, i think if you throw too much detail on a small card everything will just get lost and it won't look great. I am also not that keen on the type and image that was used on the postcards, like i said before its such a small space and it can lead to overcrowding which means too much distracting. I think the restricted colour palette worked the best on the cards, it means you can pick out specific detail and will help with continuity when creating a set.

When it comes to the card that was used i prefer handling the textured card, it adds another dimension to the piece but when it comes to looks i actually prefer the smooth card. It lets you pick out more detail, the image looks crisper and the colours are more powerful. This is something i will have to look into a great deal.