28 September 2010

This is the technique that i am most used to. Computer to print. There is a specific software used called 'RIP' rasta image processor, it's machine specific software and its what makes the images good. The ink is stickier and tend to sit on the top of the substrate. Today this technique produces very good quality images and it makes small jobs viable and its very cost effective.

"In desktop raster image processor is the process of turning vector digital information such as PostScript file into a high resolution raster image. that is, the rip takes the digital information about fonts and graphics that describes the appearance of your file and translates it into an image composed of individual dots that the imaging device (such as your printer or an imagesetter) can output.

Think of the RIP as a translator between you and your printer. You give it instructions in the language of your desktop publishing application and the RIP translates your instructions into the language of the printer . If your language is too complicated for the translator or it misunderstands your instructions the file doesn't rip."

These are examples of digital print, they are one off prints so it is more cost effective to just print digitally print them.