17 October 2009

This is a company of designers who work in installations, more specifically interactive installations. I was introduced to them at a graphic design conference in London last year. I found them amazing, their characters and what they did just blew me away. They work with the notion that nothing is too crazy or too impossible to create as long as you have a good group of friends and a bit of cash you can do anything. Although their work is not graphic design based i just find it really interesting to look and its a fresh take on art.

The Source is formed from a grid of cables arranged in a square, 162 cables in all, reaching eight stories to the glass roof. Nine spheres are mounted on each cable and are free to move independently up and down its length. In essence the spheres act like animated pixels, able to model any shape in three dimensions a fluid, dynamic, three dimensional television. (Check out)

At first glance each column would appear to be an ordinary bollard, ubiquitous in public spaces. However, these objects have been injected with a magic serum that has transformed them into elegant music boxes. As people pass through out the space, the columns respond directly to their motion and spin gently, playing unique fragments of sound.