Tank Girl - Illustrations

17 October 2009

TANK GIRL is a british comic created by Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin. Jamie Hewlett is also one of the co-creators for the Gorillaz. Briefly the comic is about a series f missions she undertakes with her mutant kangaroo boyfriend Booga. Its an adult comic that has a serious undertones of sexual deviance and substance abuse.
The comic itself was influenced by punk visual art. The reasons I love comic strips and art is because of absurd disfuntions and disorganised manner. There are a great many techniques used throughout such as surrelism, collage and metafiction. I love the style of drawing the erratic lines and patterned texture. There is always so much going on the captivate your eye.

" Never start a clear idea of story line. Instead commence blindly, with a vague notion
of trying to include reference to your favorite band, gift shop or chocolate
bar" - Jamie Hewlett