14 May 2010

Im not really to sure about this. I really like the illustrations and the use of negative space using the black and white, but i'm not sure it does anything for the product. After all its illustrating wine, so surely the illustrations should mimic that in some way? Or try and advertise what's inside, instead of having images of birds. Its pretty, yes, but it does not really have a purpose.

The designs for the Burton packaging are very complicated but the individual illustrations themselves are very clear, i must bare this in mind in future development. I really like this style where all the illustrations create a scene, this is something i want to try and do with mine. The packaging for the boots is clever because of it ties in with the product inside It makes the packaging as important as the product itself. the illustrations all relate to what the product is, which is important and i will definitely be trying to do this with mine.

Drinks for kids and adults. Its good to look at these illustrations because they are simple but using a character will help children relate to the bottle of juice. Plus it appeals to adults because it seems very friendly, due to the pastel colours and smiley characters. Which in turn will make parents trust it and give it to their kids. This is a clever using of advertising and packaging, combing both to create a user friendly product.

Simple design hat shows so much. very simple illustrations with thick type that stands out against the brown background, making it readable and just as bold as the illustrations. The packaging really draws you in and grabs you attention straight away, some people would buy it just because of the image itself, instead of the drink. They are selling artwork as well as a product. Its a nice idea characterising the can, which is essentially what i will be doing and here just shows how successful it can actually be.