14 May 2010

I really love this packaging, again its very simple. But what i really like is the fact its on a miniature scale and still successful. I particularly like the gum packaging because of the individual characters and their facial features. Adding character to it really makes it feel personal to you. Which is something im trying to do. I also really like the variety of colours used with different facial expressions, making them a set that works on an individual basis.
This product is very interesting to look at. The illustrations are very eye catching and detailed. There is no real structure to what they are and what they represent but they work because its creating a very visually pleasing and engaging product. The vibrant colours compliment the illustrations and it really makes the product stand out.
My only problem with the product, and i think its a key one, is i don't actually know what the product is. It has something to do with cream and 25oz but its not obvious. I think they spent too much time on the illustrations and not enough on branding the product successfully, which is something i am really going to have to keep in mind.
This is a new take on your average salt and pepper set. I really like the illustrations and how they instantly tie in with the product inside. I also like the format that they take, which is just a simple box but its the same across all the product giving it a good level of continuity. What's also impressive is how they tied the colours to the designs and products themselves. I.e using the blues for the whales, this is something i really want to do and i think its important because it helps give the product an identity. The type faces used arnt all the same, they relate to the product and its style. Generally really good packaging idea and think it works well on every level, which is what i want mine to do.
This is a very clever packaging design. taking something completely mundane as a jar and turning it into a unique stylised product. The branding and logo is simple and easy to read. The colour coding is clever across all the products to show the change in what the product actually is, seeing as you cant see inside. I would probably buy this product without caring what is inside, this is a very successful marketing tool.
This is a beautiful and elegant design. Really has a summery feel about it with the colour and the illustrations working together. I like the way they flow around the can and seem to create a continuos pattern. It is a very feminine design, which i'm not sure works for the whole bran but as one of a unique design its effective. I also think the colour is effective in denoting a summery feel, which is something i need to look into for my product. i need to look at what colours would work best to show a summery feel.