Childrens Books

17 March 2010

It is important for Chris and I to look at what illustrators produce when creating a book for children. Especially for young ages. The books need to be robust and weather well, as kids love to put things in their mouths and chuck them around. Chris and I already have ideas for what we want to do for the book, from the workshops we had previously done in book binding. However I thought I should research the sizes of children's books that are out today. For a previous project i had already looked at children's books and the pop-up capabilities and that was all primary research, so this time i was looking at secondary research. (All previous posts are on DC too).

-- All of these books that i have looked at are very bright and vibrant, with large and colourful illustrations plastered across the front. These are clearly there to entice the child into reading the book, generally when children go for a book they will go to the most eye catching. Each book is bound with cardboard, this makes them substantial enough to be thrown around, chewed and generally ripped. This is something Chris and I will have to bear in mind.

Non of the books are particularly wide, there arn't a lot of pages within them. The books themselves however are quite sizable, which is good because Chris and I originally wanted to do a big book.

All these design factors, Chris and I will have to keep in mind.