8 March 2010

Looking at recycling and new and innovative ways to recycle your rubbish.

Image 1. Using newspaper to insulate housing, this is actually become quite popular as more and more people are trying to use sustainable material to create houses. There is a house in London, that was built solely from hay..although i think it burnt down but still. Good use of old materials.

Image 2. I really like this, this is a roll of old clothes fashioned into a new roll of material used to create fashion patterns and garments. I think this is a really inventive way of recycling your old clothes instead of just using vintage shops etc. I also really like the pattern that it creates.

Image 3. I think this is one of my favorite ideas, using old cassette players as purses. I think this is idea is fairly modern and a lot of students i know would love to have one of these. they are really cool and quirky and that is quite appealing. its a completely different way of looking at old cassettes etc.

Image 4. There is nothing too special about this image other than its made solely from cardboard, i just like the logo and what it stands for because of the fact that is a really recognisable image and everyone will know what it means.

Image 5. Printed cloth, with this i just really like the idea of printing on something other than paper, like old t-shirts etc. making them into new designs.