What is a line...

17 March 2010

For my What is a line... Brief, i needed to look at a variety of artists that use lines to construct their images. I recently bought a book called 'Graphics Alive' and in that book it had a variety of artists, that created amazing pieces of work with different technique of manipulating a line. Below are some artists taken from the book and others from other resources that i know.

- BLU, Very interesting designs, a time they create scary and intimidating images. Very clever use of lone on a large open space. Gets a range of detail within the drawing that from a far you don't notice until you get closer then you can see.

- City scape, variety of buildings done it different illustrative techniques. really liked the mirror images one, think that works well and may incorporate that into my designs later.


- Viagrafik. Really love this work, very detailed illustrations that show a city scape around a room. Everything is thought about. Like that contiunity within the piece. Variety of thick and thin lines help add depth top the pieces. all work done in the bedroom was hand drawn on location.

- Maja Sten, screen printed work, wallpaper. Complicated patterns that have a clear colour palette which works well in establishing a pattern. very interesting illustrative skyline, elegant and sinuous lines.