Billboards - Hyde Park

8 November 2010

Here are images of the billboards that are on Hyde Park corner. these are the main billboards around Hyde park and headingley area, they are great because you see them as you are going into and out of town which is great because it means you will see them when you go and when you come back and they always draw your attention. 

My main focus is to look at using images 2 and 3, they are the larger billboards and would fit well within my specification for printing the billboards. my billboards designs are long and narrow and they would fit well within these boards. Also because they span over the same area it means you can have two similar boards there telling different facts. 

Billboards 1 and 4 are way too small and dont have nearly enough room to fit my designs on i think they would look too squashed. i like the 4 split boards but it doesn't work with my design so i wouldn't use them. 

I am happy with my choice in boards it gives me a variety and actually helps put my boards into context.