Devils Advocate

30 November 2010

Again, this is another film that i love. And one of the great speechs has been taken from it and turned into kinetic type. there are certain elements about this that i really love, and to show i have put the selected times down in the clip and what i love about it in those bits.

0.07 - '...think about it' - This line is great. It takes up the full frame and i like how its laid casually across the end of the 'r' interacting with the pervious sentence and type. It just rolls along and fits together.

0.14 - '...he gives you' - I particularly like this bit because of the zoom on the type, its not quite legible but you do recognize it. It emphasizes Al Pacino when he is shouting the lines by it being big and bold.

0.20 - '... own private' - What I like about this is the change in kerning as Al Pacino draws out the word 'private' so the word extends itself emphasizing it that much more.

0.33 - 0.38 - '...look but don't touch..' - This whole sequence is great it works so well with what is being said. It emphasizes in all the right areas, focusing on the words and drawing your attention to them and them alone, using the rest of the sentence to play around those words.

This whole sequence is really interesting because it gives you an insight into how editing type and using different emphasis can really change the way something is read and digested. This has shown how important it is to get it right if you were to use a speech like this when creating kinetic type. Because i am really interested in this, this is something i want to keep in mind with the rest of the module, really manipulating type to get the most meaning out of it.