30 November 2010

Fred pointed out in our seminar today that its not all about motion graphics, although that is the module we are doing and what we are working towards. There is a whole new graphic design world opening up within the world of gaming and that is generating designs for interfaces. although we don't create them ourselves the designs behind them are based around us. This is something i do find very interesting because it is such a huge market and would be very lucrative to get into. I myself am not a huge gamer, but i do appreciate the gaming world and what it brings to people. I have been looking at general interfaces of the most current gaming consoles out there just to get a idea of what they mean and what they do. 

Wii interface - very simple and child like. as the console
is geared towards children so it is designed appropriately 
for that audience. 

X-Box interface - This is more space age, the audience for this
is general teens and older so its focused more on the future and in
keeping with the games that they produce. 

PS3 interface - This interface is simply designed
and can be customized to fit the users want which is very personal.
It easy to navigate (which i find from personal experience). The
icons are very in-keeping with todays icons that appear on mobile
such as the iphone.