After Effects Workshop 3

15 December 2010

These are my notes on the after effects workshop we had today which was out third one. I did the same process as before screen shooting everything. This workshop was based on working with Type within After effects and what you can do to alter the layers. 

The type tool

Another way of adding type to the composition, but both produce the same outcome. 

Text forms a new layer within After effects much the same as a layer that is imported.

Right hand menu where you can alter the character setting and fonts etc. 

When you type a word out, the anchor point appears on the bottom left
hand side of the font, meaning it will rotate/scale etc around this point

Example of it being rotated

You can use the same techniques to edit the word as you would with any other imported image.
But here we are focusing on the anchor point tool.

You can alter the anchor point using the transform tool, but it will move the text up and down 
around that anchor point which isn't great if you want to animate an individual bit within a layer. 

Example of it moving up and down. 

So for ease, you can select the pan behind tool which is in the tool box line, 
this way you can move the anchor point manually into the middle of the text. 

You can add guides to help position the anchor point in the exact centre.

Opening text you then get more options

You then get a lot of different options. 

Love love loveeeeeee Love love lovvveeee dodo do dooo from Robyn Russell on Vimeo.

Wonderful from Robyn Russell on Vimeo.

Toodle 1 from Robyn Russell on Vimeo.

Toodle 2 from Robyn Russell on Vimeo.

Toodle 3 from Robyn Russell on Vimeo.


(You can use masks as artwork)

BLOB from Robyn Russell on Vimeo.

Supprise from Robyn Russell on Vimeo.


Snakey from Robyn Russell on Vimeo.