After Effects Workshop - notes

8 December 2010

Today we had a workshop in After Effects. It was our first workshop because we got delayed with the snow last week. It was really useful having this workshop because we had learnt disjointed bits about it in some of the sessions we had with Fred and Loraine, but until I could get my hands on it it was hard to truly understand what they were talking about. 

I made loads and loads of notes with the workshop because i have never worked with this software before and i didn't want to walk away from the workshop knowing everything and then forgetting everything. There was so much we learned and by making these notes i can refer back to them throughout my process in the future to remind me of the fundamentals. Not only did i make notes but i took screen shots to actually remind of specific things that happened within the software workshop, they are small things but fundamental to the software working properly.

The notes are more for my sake then anyone else's but i have posted them so that no matter what i will always have them.