5 x Type Packaging

10 May 2011

I really like the clear hierarchy, although this isnt
specifically type because it is using image, i think the
really structured layout to the type and information works
so well. I am a big fan of structured layout, especially
when it works well like this. 

I really love the simplicity of this layout
and how the type really grabs your attention 
opposed to some fancy image. The thick type is 
really bold, and you can imagine it really standing out
on a shelf. I think the colours work
really well together offsetting one another in such a 
clear way.

What really appeals to me with this packaging is the 
vintage style design work, the type is so crisp against the
background. Its symbolic by reflecting an old school way of type
design and packaging.

Lastly i really love the simplicity of this packaging.
Its such an interesting way to lay out information opposed
to just shoving the info on the back. This has a really contemporary
feel to it, visually i think its beautiful.