Packaging Nets taken from Big Book of Boxes

6 May 2011

I have been looking at a lot of different ways of packaging, I know i want to create my own innovative style of packaging but Its a lot easier to create something innovative and new off of something that already exists. 
I like the box shape of this packaging and the see through
window it gives me.

This is like a huge drinks container, it works but
i think it could be a little too ugly,

This is a similar net to the of some packaging I have looked at,
how the sides would fold up and around the cupcake. I like it
but its been done and im not sure you can be
very inventive with it.

This would be like a cylinder tube that the cupcakes
would sit in, like shelfs. I like it but it doesn't seem
very rigid.

Again packaging with a clear window,
although it has a lot of cutting
and sticking involved which for commerical
use i dont think it would work so well.

Like this triangle, you can see the cupcake
from all sorts of different angles, i really like this idea.

Again similar to the wine carrier, just think it
may be a little too ugly.

Box shape, with clear opening at the top.
It would function like a door which is quite good.
Again a good level of interaction.