Packaging Nets taken from Package and P.o.P Structures

6 May 2011

I like this, but again its quite a boring solution
to carrying the cupcakes and it has been done before
so much, so its not exactly what im looking for.

Really like this, its like a miniature display box
for the cupcakes, defiantly something i would be interested
in developing. I think its cute and could be custom made really well.

Like a normal box, a little bit slimmer just doesn't
seem to fit the style i want very much.

I like this, but i think it works better as a carrying bag
opposed to a functioning unit to carry the cupcakes in.
I need something that would be secure.

I think the angles in this are a little too strong so might
not work with the type of packaging i would want to create.

Really like this box too but i think it looks like something
you would get from a chinese take away.